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Re: My attempt at a Discover CLI..

WhirledPeasPlease wrote:
So, I'm leaving on a few vacations here shortly and I thought OOH, it's a good time to see what Discover can do for me. They 'warned' me when I got the card that it would probably take 6 months for a CLI. (I'm sitting at 1.1k, 3rd lowest TL out of 12.)

For entertainment purposes only I called to see if there was anything that could be done w/o a hard inq. The nice CSR said "No worries, I can pull a soft inquiry that will not affect your score." Uh huh. I checked my EX for softs/hards and I don't see anything. I can't pull TC until later in the day to be sure they didn't hard EQ/TU.

She also reminded me that it will probably take 6 months before they will allow it w/ a soft, and that I've only had the card for 4 months.

Sure enough, no CLI. You bet I'll call back in 2 months. In the meantime, I'll update this post if I see any hards!

I just love my Discover More card. I was looking over my past statements and noticed that I earned more than 20 bucks in cash back for the first quarter of the year. I asked her about this and was told that the cap for the first quarter was 5 percent on up to 800 in purchases, instead of the normal 400.

I hope this helps somebody!

Man, I got the same problem with discover they won't on soft. They keep asking to pull hard but I don't know what to hurt myself on the scores.

If you get a chance read my post Cap1 Vs. Discover. You will see the difference b/w the 2agencies. If you get a CLI let me know what you did. I like my discover but now having second thoughts. I mean I am going to keep the card just look at it a different way.
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