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Re: BOA or Target Visa?
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nyccc2 wrote:
Just curious, why did you specifically want just the store card?

Hey, it worked out for you, so it's great you app'd. Plus, you give others on here hope for the Visa...and a nice initial CL!

Well, I wanted the Red Card for the diversity, since it's a charge account, and I didn't have any store cards. Have several Visas/MCs with good CLs, so didn't really need another one. Would prefer to just grow their CLs further.

But what I REALLY wanted from Target, in general, were those nice 10% off deals they offer every $1k in spending with their cards. Smiley Happy I shop there quite a bit. The Visa would give me those as well, but I was happy with just the charge card and the diversity aspect. Otherwise, doesn't really matter. I think the Visa's actually quite nice...except for the APR, as you said. The store card is high as well, so it's definitely a monthly PIF'er.

Sorry to hijack this thread a bit.

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