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Re: Macy's & inactive account, yet open, Please note below
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I would like to thank everyone for their input and advice
I went the Store ROUTE.. we bought like 150 dollars worth of clothes, there was an extra 15% per item for Macy;s Card holders, so my wife told the Lady at the counter that she wants her card discount applied but she lost the card. Ofcourse the account came up as inactive so the lady had to call the 800 number, and after she was on hold for few minutes, she asked if we changed address but it was actually the same, ( wife lived in same address since 97) and then she was given an approval code.
As soon as we walked out we called the Macy's 800 number requested a card in the mail and added me as an authorized user.
Last time she used the card was 5/2000
I am glad I came here for advice and input, I almost gave up after the first CSR said that card has been inactive for too long and there is nothing he can do
this will be a fantastic BOOST to my average age. that otherwise only goes back as far as 2003, 2004 or so

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