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Re: Capital One CLI YEAH!!!
Nice  work-
I am loving cap one more than Amex-
Higher CL, lower APR,
I called WAMU, Capone and Discover today and let them know I would being using my cards more. Capone gave me a 1K CLI.


prettywise77 wrote:
Ok the news is too good not to share, but I decided to combine the above card with my other Cap1 cc which had a limit of $1750.  Called back door # to combine, VERY NICE CSR said, sure we can combine them.  But let me raise the limit $500 first, I said ok, we looked at the interest rates and decided to keep the card with the lower APR at 10.86%.  So now my credit limit is drum roll please....  $6k!!  I am so happy!!!  I went from a $500 cl to 6k in less than 5months.  Thank you Fico forum!!  I am sure Chase will see that in a few months and hopefully follow suit!