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Re: Help on diffrent questions

Jamesus81801 wrote:
Are the account numbers the same on your two sets of cards? They might just be extra cards for additional users...
Does your wife have any credit experience?
The only place that you can get your true FICO scores are here, you can go to TC for unlimited access to your reports but there isn't a site that will give you access to your FICO scores daily without paying every time you want to update them. TC gives you scores, but they are called FAKOS since they are not actually computed with the Fair Issac model, the company that created the FICO scoring model and just so happens to run this site...
Hope that helps a little, I'm fairly new here though so you might get some more in depth help when some of the other more experienced folk get on...

Last 4 digits of the cards are different and both have my name on them. When I got my first hsbc cc last year and put my wife on both cards had the same numbers on them. The only difference was my name was on one and my wife had hers on the other. Rob L