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Re: Any chance of getting Cap1 or HSBC to do a limit increase without a hard pull?

deemac wrote:

The biggest drag right now on our credit scores is high utilization. Especially my husbands, which he got into a cycle of overlimit charges, pay the minimum, the first of the month it's back overline due to the charges. ugh!

He has a very low limit Cap1 card and a slightly higher HSBC one. Any idea what it would take to increase the limits, preferably without a hard pull? We're looking to buy a house in a few months and a lower utilization would probably be the best way to bump the scores.

Cap1 will consider an CLI every 3 months without pull, as far as I know, but until you have 3 months of good payment history without going over the limit, your chances aren't very good. You could try anyway. Good luck.