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Re: Any chance of getting Cap1 or HSBC to do a limit increase without a hard pull?

I tried using my Orchard online, just to show some activity since it has been months since I have used either that or Household....I got a message saying the card could not be verified, so tried with Household, same message.


So I called the backdoor number listed for Orchard to see if there was a problem on either card, found there was none, and most likely what I was getting was a glitch in the system on the site I was trying to order from (Zeb's General Store, my Amex worked with np). While the rep had me on the phone she said let me take a look at your history....then asked if I wanted a 500 cli on the HH and a 100 on the Orchard...both were given with a manual review in house, no pull. I was sure to ask before accepting! She told me she could not do an apr reduction right now, but to call again in a few months and I would probably have "good results". I hope those good results might be an upgrade to a higher tier HSBC.


Capital One, I have two cards, one 5 years old, one 4 years old. They are the low tier cards with the 300 to 3000 limit...the first they auto'ed to 500 in about 6 months, the second I asked for at a year, again they went to 500, and there they stay. My most recent call to them to see about cli was only two months ago, they told me to call them in 6. I have a perfect record with them, they did get a lot of utility before I had my primes....what I really want from them is to combine these limits and convert me to a no hassles reward card.


I have never been late on either, they are getting on my nerves, though they did lower my interest rate to had been 12.9.

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