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Re: Total Visa Card

Don't get it.  It's not worth it.


I have had this card for 4 years & 3 months.  It STILL only has a limit of $350.  They refuse to budge.  I started at $250.


It charges me a $10 montly participation fee. The interest rate is 19.92%, which they also refuse to lower.


The customer service is terrible.  The website isn't great, but at least they don't charge me to make a payment.  Which, by the way, I can only do once every 10 days.


This card will definitely NOT grow with you.  Take Orchard instead.  Much better in my view.  I have 2 Orchard cards now.  The only reason I still have this card is because I have had it the longest, by almost 2 years over my next 2 oldest cards.

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