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watch out for fraudulent charge(s) from GFDL (800) 764-0847 ; massive fraud
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There is a huge wave of fraud going on right now. The bill is appearing on people's statements from "GFDL" (800) 764-0847. The initial charge is for around $ 0.11 to $ 0.19

A few people who didn't close their affected debit or credit card in time reported that there were then one or two more fraudulent charges for $ 200 to $ 400.

This link currently has the most information:

On page 14 of that link, someone today reported this:

same fraud different number 800-764-8104/800-764-8104
I also have this charge on my bank account from "ADELE SERVICES 800-764-8104 NY ADELE SERVICES " for $O.22

First thing in the morning I'm going to cancel my card, and file a complaint with FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center
Please do the same.
Internet Crime Complaint Center:

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