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Re: Any tips on how to get a rate reduction from Chase and Discover

I called both today to request lower rates.  We paid off all of our cc debt about 6 months ago and I thought it was time to try for lower rates.  Chase went from 18.99% to 12.99 % no problem ($200 balance on $3600 limit).  She did say that was the lowest rate right now.  Discover went from 18.99% to 1.9% for 6 months ($0 balance on $2500 limit).  I will have to call in 6 months to check on rates again because it will revert to 18.99%, but I have no problem with calling again. 


On a side note, I also called HHBank and they lowered the rate from 17.99% to 9.99%.


Good luck, they really seem willing to work with you!  Maybe the holiday spirit??