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Ok I'm officially done app'ing for the year
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Ya... I know.  You're probably thinking "But there's 7 more days left in 2008".  Right?  Yep, so very true. However, I can exercise some restraint Smiley Wink  So I say to all the CCCs that granted me credit this year,  thank you!  To the CCC who CLD'd me... namely Discover, I have forgiven you.  I did hate you Smiley Mad  But I miss you more.  There's an empty space in my credit card wallet that calls to you.  Oh and Chase, yes I'm calling you out, I am very mad at you for closing my Circuit City account for non-usage Smiley Mad


Seriously, this has been a good year for me as far as obtaining new credit cards.  My goals for next year:


1) Zero cc apps!

2) Always PIF

3) Maintain activity on all 47 revolving accounts

4) Stop thinking about Discover


Happy Holidays!

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