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Re: Ok I'm officially done app'ing for the year

JRInWA wrote:

Nmbr1ballr wrote:
Why the hell would you have even 42 accounts?  Like honestly, what is the purpose of that?  Hell, I have 2 credit cards, my debit card, and my car loan and thats enough for me.  I don't see the point of going out and getting a ton of cards, but thats just my opinion Smiley Indifferent
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Ya I know.  42 is a ridiculous number!  It's divisible by neither 5 nor 10 Smiley Mad  So I'm going for 50 Smiley Tongue   Yep... 2010 will be my year to reach that goal.  Then I'm done.  Mmmm.... credit.

But why?  Like can someone please explain it to me so maybe I can understand?  Why is that your goal?  What is it that it will do for you?  What is the difference between having so many cards with low limits for stores or even credit cards vs having 2 or 3 credit cards with high limits you can use anywhere and maybe 1 store card.  I honestly don't see the actual benefit of having them.  I just turned 23 a week ago, and with my limited credit, I have a decent score so I don't think its necessary to have all those unless your reason is outside of your FICO score.

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