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Backdoor Numbers
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(Kudos and thank you to forum member Sylviatob, who authored the original version of this fabulously helpful thread.)

A "backdoor number" is one that gets you past frontline CSR's directly to Credit Analysts / Credit Departments / Account Managers / Account Specialists (different lenders call 'em different things) -these people/departments have decision-making abilities greater than frontline CSR's, they are able to take and review requests for reconsideration of denied cc apps or CLI requests, APR reductions, etc. and implement their decisions.

Backdoor numbers and the people to whom they connect you can be useful in requesting a reduced APR if you feel your credit profile rates a lower one, or in requesting a review of a denied credit application or declined request for a credit limit increase, if you feel your credit profile deserves an approval, but they aren't magic wands - as with anything, your mileage may vary depending on your individual credit profile.

This thread relies on input and feedback from YOU! :smileyhappy: If you try a number and find that it is no longer working, that it's a regular, frontline CSR number or other, non-backdoor number, PLEASE PM ME so that I can edit accordingly!

Note: Capital One apparently stopped accepting customer-initiated credit line increase (CLI) requests sometime in 2010, so these numbers won't work for that, at this time. If CapOne starts accepting them again at some point, someone please PM me so I can update this thread again! Thanks. -

Scamp Update:  On 04/12/11, one of our forum members PM'd me that he had called CapOne at 1-800-625-7866 to request a CLI, and said that, after verifying his account information, the CLI was put through without any other questions being asked.  If anyone else has similar success, please PM me. Thanks! - S. Update as of 10/16/11 (confirmed on 03/10/12)  A forum member PM'd me that he/she was told that CapOne is not accepting customer-initiated CLI requests. FYI, all. -Scamp

Thanks to everyone who has PM'd me about dead numbers, new numbers, numbers that turn out to be not true backdoor numbers,etc.!

This thread only works because the whole community helps keep it updated! :smileyhappy:

- Scamp

Amex Collections Dept:  800-921-6490 (people on blacklist can call this number)
AmEx Oasis Program: 888-232-3261
AmEx: 800-567-1083 (App Status - Use with caution if attempting a denied app recon; have been advised by one member that they can only resubmit app with another hard pull)
AmEx: 800-230-1284 (Account Services - handles accounts with issues)
AmEx: 800-700-7619 (Reserves - handles closed and charged-off accounts)
AmEx Executive Office: 800-297-6197
American Express Credit Bureau Unit: 800-874-2717. (Must have a current credit report before calling. They will ask for the account number from the credit report, which is different from your card number.)

Barclays: 888-232-0780 (Customer Care)
Barclays: 866-408-4064 (Credit Analyst)

Barclays: 18776831400  (Security Dept)

Best Buy: 800-365-0292 (CSR)
Best Buy App Status: 800-811-7276
Best Buy Store Card: 800-305-0533
Best Buy MasterCard and Citi Credit Card Executive Office 423-477-6858 -CreditAddict 07/2014

BofA:  800-421-2110 – Customer Satisfaction
BofA:  888-991-8222 – Customer Satisfaction
BofA:  866-811-4108  (Credit analyst - existing cardholders) by myjourney 
BofA:  888-503-6090 non working number
BofA:  877-721-9405 (App Status - Choose Option 3)
BofA:  800-732-9194
BofA:  888-260-4696 (secured accts.)
BofA:  800-824-5895 (secured & partially secured accts.)
BofA:  800-718-6072 (Credit analyst - for existing cardholders only) Reported as non-functional 6/6/14
BofA:  800-881-4730 (Loan Dept.?)

BofA:  866-618-4585 (Sr Credit Analyst) ~corymcdd88

BofA Credit Dept. Fax: 888-500-6270
BofA/FIA: 888-831-4181
BOFA:866-865-7839 (Recon Department)- no longer working


Bank of America -- Rate Reduction Team (1.800.770.6459) available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET Saturday, closed Sunday

BP/Amoco App Status: 800-365-6204

Cap1: 800-625-7866 (Account Specialist)
Cap1: 800-951-6951 (cust. relations)
Cap1: 800-548-4593 (application status - automated only)
Cap1: 800-889-9939 or 800-625-7866.(Account Specialist)
Cap1: 877-513-9959 (Account Retention?)
Cap1: 800-258-9319 (Debt Recovery)
Cap1 Secured Platinum: 800-219-7931 (deposit taker, can speak to credit analyst)
Cap 1: 800-707-0489 (Senior Escalation Account Mgrs.)

Chase: 800-436-7927 (App status - automated)
Chase: 888-270-2127 (App recon)
Chase: 888-245-0625 (Credit Analyst - Recons)
Chase: 888-622-7547 (Chase Executive Ofc. in IL)
Chase: 800-955-9900 (Product change status questions)
Chase: 888-688-6708 (Chase Credit Dept additional number?, need confirmation, credit to Express)

Chevron/Texaco Biz Card App Status: 888-243-8358
Chevron Cust Service: 800-243-8766

Citi: 888-201-4523 (New App Approval Status)
Citi AA: 888-662-7759
Citi App Status: 800-645-7240, 800-288-4653, 800-750-7453
Citi: 800-444-2568 (Retention Dept.)
Citi: 800-763-9795 (App status?? They ask for your app #)
Citi Credit Bureau Dispute Fax: 866-713-5028
Citi EO: 718-248-6433 No longer active -5/31/14

Citi EO: 866-336-7285 - maiden_girl

Citi: CSR:  301-733-5501 (New App Status) ~ eagle2013

Citi Credit Card Executive Office 423-477-6858 -CreditAddict 


Comenity: 800-303-1368 (Recon) ~ Happychap

Discover: 888-676-3695 (Recon)
Discover: 866-219-0214 (Retention Dept.)

Elan Financial Services: 800-685-7680

ExxonMobil Biz Card: 800-903-9966

FIA: 866-421-8153 (credit analyst) no longer working

FIA: 800-655-1491 for 24 hr automated balance, app status, and payment information.  ~ score_building

Fidelity Amex: 1-866-865-7842 (Card Services, 8am- 8pm EST M-F) --Lexie09 no longer working


Fifth Third Bank Phone: 1-800-457-0842 - Select 3 for a CSR (Credit Card Application Status) 


FNBO:  800-444-6220 (UW) ~ gdale6

GE Moneybank (except WalMart): 866-419-4096
GE Moneybank: 866-519-6441 (Credit Analyst/Credit Solutions)
GECRB -Credit Solutions 877-379-8173

Home Depot Store Card: 800-677-0232 (Credit Analyst)
Home Depot Store Card: 423 467 6957 (App Status/Recon)
Home Depot MC (Commercial): 800-720-0649

Hooters: 801-545-6705, 800-850-4668

HSBC: 866-574-4421 (App Status)
HSBC: 866-551-0258 (Credit Analyst)

HSBC: 866-280-0118 (Executive Resolution Unit)

Juniper: 866-408-4064 (Credit Analyst)
Juniper/Barclays: 866-750-6031 (Corp. Offices)

Key Bank: 888-201-4523 (App status)
Key Bank MC: 800-288-4653
Keybank Credit Research Fax: 216-357-6404

Lowes: 800-445-6937 (App Status)
Lowes: 866-232-7443 (Biz Acct. Underwriting)
Lowes Fraud/Underwriting/Credit Dept.: 800-444-1408

Macy's: 800-627-2909 (Credit Dept. - new credit, inquiries on upgrade to Visa AmEx, credit reporting issues)
Macy's: 800-543-9617 (Recovery Services)

Meijers MC: 801-517-5560


Merrick Bank - CC - 877-790-5648 (newUser0)


Nationwide Visa: 866-757-2720 (App. status)

Philips 66: 866-289-5630, 800-610-1961


PNC: 800-762-0974 (Credit Dept.)


Saks Fifth Avenue: 866-500-7257 (Application Status) - credit: Ron1

Sallie Mae Visa: 877-564-7965 (Credit Dept.)
Sallie Mae Visa: 877-903-7968 (Credit Analyst)

Sam's Club: 800-301-5546, 866-246-4282 (Underwriting)
Sam's Club/WalMart: 877-294-7541 (escalated help desk)

Sears: 800-599-9710 (Comm'l Accts.)
Sears: 866-533-1820 (Sears credit bureau dispute FAX number)

Shell Fleet Card: 800-223-3296 (App status)
Shell: 800-223-3296, 866-438-7435
Shell: 800-377-5150

Staples: 800-767-1291, 800-282-5316

Sunoco Corp. Card: 800-935-3387, 800-278-6626
Sunoco: 800-310-4773

Target:   866-225-7041 ( New accounts, i.e. 7 to 10 day message )


Target Biz Card: 800-440-5317

Tiffany: 800-770-0800

US Bank: 800-947-1444, 800-685-7680 (Underwriting)
US Bank Corp. & Comm'l Cards: 800-344-5696 (may not be true backdoor number - someone please PM me if this is frontline CS. Thx! - Scamp)
US Bank: 800-308-3648 (Debt Recovery)

Valero: 877-882-5376

Wal-Mart: 800-480-0205 (personal accounts)
Wal-Mart: 800-301-5546 (commercial accounts only)
Wal-Mart Underwriting: 877-294-7548; 877-294-8770
WalMart/Sam's Club: 877-294-7541 (escalated help desk)

WaMu CSR: 800-356-0011, or 800-280-9441
WaMu: 888-687-2273 (Apps/New Accts)

Wells Fargo: 800-967-9521 (credit card underwriting - credit to Brax)
Wells Fargo: 866-677-1128 (now Executive Office - credit to Brax)

Wells Fargo Financial National Bank: 866-535-2725 (Executive Office - credit to high-flyer)

Wright Express: 888-743-3893

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