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Re: Total Visa Card

I received the Total Visa 04/08, called for a CLI 6 mths L8R in 10/08 ($25 increase to $275), and was told by the rep, that I could call in every 3 mnths for a $25 increase. Are you serious, only $25 every 3 months!!! If it wasn't 1 of the 6 rebuilder cards I started w/ in 4/08 I'd closed. But from what I understand here, I should keep it at least 2 yrs.

Now, here I am 3 mnths after my 1st increase, I just called on Saturday and was told it would take 3 days for a decision. At the most I'd expect another LOWSEY $25!!! That's ok though. After 2 yr mark in 04/10 I'll close. Plus my score simulator says I should expect a score of 730 by then, so we'll see. (At least they would have help get me decent scores).