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Re: NFCU Acceptance Number Letter

I received a letter too. I tried entering the number on the website, but it says it doesn't match my member id.

I applied last month for the nRewards with a 620 EQ and was denied. I had two collections -- one five years and the other almost seven years old for a total of $200 along with three chargeoffs (two reporting 0 balance once was reporting $7,500). I've had a student loan with no lates that is six years old along with two CCs the past 12 months. My income is $75,000. I couldn't believe I was denied, however I was offered the secured card. sad.gif

Now I have two COs instead of three like last month (on EQ). My two collections should be deleted any day now. After my last baddie falls off on EQ in July the only negative thing I'll have is four 30 day lates that range from 4-6 years old. I'm planning on applying for the nRewards again (using the acceptance number) this month after my two collections fall off. If I get denied again this month then I will reapply in July.

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