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Re: Shot my self in my foot
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Here's are some ideas for what the op could do to help stop the impulse to apply online again.

You could look for a way to set up a blacklist for your web browser to disallow visits to that online application.

Or you could use filtering software.

Another way is to change your Windows "hosts" file. On Windows xp, it's located at C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\

Once you add a website to the hosts file, it's (as far as I know) impossible to visit that website from that computer (unless you tried to visit that site by using that site's IP address)

You can use Notepad to edit the file. Say you don't have a capital one card and you feel a temptation to visit that site and apply.

You could edit your HOSTS file to add something like

If you haven't heard before of editing your hosts file, do a quick google search on the topic first before trying this.
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