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Re: FICO went from 500 to 590...quick credit card question

HI Richie


First let me say congrats on your recent increase. 


With your comment of "I know only 2 months sheesh", I think you will not take offense to me saying, it has only been two months.


Unfortunately, especially in today's economic times, with this score, it is almost next to impossible to receive a CC let alone a 0 annual fee cc. I commend you for your enthusiasm, however Patience is a virtue.


I think what you should do is work on what is bringing down your credit score. Do some PFD if you can or some GW letters. Post some of your baddies so maybe we can help you with some things on your report.


If you have done these things already, then I think you should sit tight, keep util% very low and continue to pay on time.


Soon you will have scores to apply for some cards.


Hope this helps and keep us updated