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Re: 2%+ Cash Back on Everything Cards
As I think we have discussed before I have the Fidelity Visa Signature card. With the new 2% back Fidelity AMEX I have been wondering what is going to happen with the Visa. Do you remember what thread the quote below came from? I have tired in vain to find it.
Thanks in advance for any help.

MojaveMoon wrote:
And on another forum, a member last month said this regarding the Fidelity Visa Signature ...

"Spoke with CSR. The 1.5% Fido Visa card will not be upgraded to 2% until after the intial AMEX offer has enough participants to make it a "stable account". The CSR mentioned that this promotional period is typically 6-12 mos. After then, I was lead to believe that the Visa card will get bumped up."


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