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Re: Just spoke to Target back door number regarding RECON

I just called them today to see if they would raise my CL from the $300 I have had since I opened the card in October.  (I know it has not been long but I thought I had nothing to lose by trying.)


There was a recording saying that they are not now granting credit line increases at all.


I didn't believe that and I called again, this time requesting a human being to ask.  She read a script saying that they are not considering cardholder requests for CLIs, but that they periodically review for them.


She had so much trouble reading the big words in the script (foreign language speaker) that I felt sorry for her and didn't argue, knowing she would not be able to do anything to change their rule anyway, and I thanked her politely for her time.

Too many accounts; too many debts; lots of open credit, and lots of utilized credit. Scores somewhere in the 600s - I have no earthly idea exactly what number, but not 700 like it was, briefly.