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Re: 2%+ Cash Back on Everything Cards

urgent_help_needed wrote:
ok.  do you happen to know the month and year of when you got the freedom plus card?  that will help me figure out if Chase has discontinued it as a personal card since then.  I wonder if you got it before the "credit crunch" started.


I was preapproved at my Chase branch when I went in to make a deposit. I had a choice of several cards, one of which was Choice Freedom Plus. I asked for that.


What I received, however, was the signature card. I went back to the branch and requested the change, so there would be no limit on the 3%. They changed my rewards program to Freedom Plus, but I still have the signature card and my statements still show that it's a signature card, with Freedom Plus rewards. How's that for odd? I am receiving the 3% with no limit, so I'm not going to worry about it. Signature/regular - - - doesn't matter to me (although I like the $1 million travel insurance feature since my husband does a lot of travelling).


l got the card in December and changed the reward program in January, so it is still very much an active program.