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Re: 2%+ Cash Back on Everything Cards

urgent_help_needed wrote:
thanks for the info Cheech, I appreciate it.  I didn't know that the bus company's insurance would cover you if you were in a bus accident.  That means that if you don't have health insurance, it is safer to travel by bus, correct?

If you are concerned about being involved in an accident while traveling, and that said accident may have long-term effects on your health, just know that there are basic liability laws in the country. If someone takes an action (or in some cases, FAILS to take an action) that causes you harm, whether physical, financial, emotional or otherwise, you can typically sue that person or entity to recover your losses and/or compensate you for the long-term detriment that you suffer.


When it comes to travelling, most companies providing you with transportation (bus lines, cab companies, etc.) have liability insurance so that in such an event, the insurance company pays you rather than you suing the company. These are just basic laws. He who is at fault should have to pay. It's just a doctrine of fairness. In a perfect world, it would always work out this way, but the world ain't perfect.


The life insurance offered through the credit card company is to compensate beneficiaries in the event of the loss of a loved one, no matter WHO is at fault. Take the Hudson River incident.  Who are you going to hold accountable? The Canadian Geese? Luckily, we had some very competent heroes in charge on that plane and no one lost their life. But if someone HAD, there wouldn't really be any "liable party" in a case like that one. Sometimes accidents just happen. IF, however, someone had died on that flight and they had paid for their ticket with a card that offered the insurance we've been discussing, the family would have been compensated. That type of policy doesn't look for "blame" (although there are certain exclusions --- like if you pick a fight with the captain, for example, and you have to be subdued and suffer a heart attack as a result, etc., you wouldn't be covered).