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Re: 2%+ Cash Back on Everything Cards

urgent_help_needed wrote:

thanks again for the info Cheech.  Here's a hypothetical scenario I was wondering if you could weigh in on:


So you're on a bus using the tickets you bought with your credit card with travel insurance.  Now you get into a bus accident.  It is determined that a car on the road caused the bus to crash.  Now would that car driver's liability insurance, if they  have any, cover all the injuries of everyone on the bus?  What are the limits of the average car driver's liability insurance?

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IF the driver of  the car has sufficient liability insurance, that should cover the injuries caused by the accident. Depending on how many bus passengers are injured, however, it's doubtful the driver would have sufficient insurance. However, whatever is not covered by insurance would fall to the driver as personal liability and they could sue him. Whether he has sufficient assets, of course, is another matter.


The liability coverage requirements vary widely from state to state. As to what the "average driver" takes out, I wouldn't really know, but I would guess that the "average" driver tends to stick to the state minimum. People with more assets to protect (homes, money, etc.) tend to take out more than state minimums because we know that anything the insurance doesn't cover, we have to pay. Also, though I don't know what goes on in other states, I do know, for example, that the medical liability coverage required in my own state is ridiculously low.