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Re: Nordstrom Card - Cable Card
I think I have good biz cards also NCity $15K - Sams Disc  $10K - Cap One $5K - Key $7.5K - HDRWMC - $6K. I want to be able to get a Biz LOC soon. I have been declined due to too many inq's and too many new accounts.  That is why I am hesitating to add new cards. What if I call Cablea and get approved with low cl or get the CLD before card arrives and all these things. Do you really think it is worth it at this time? I have Citi 20K+15K, Nordie $7K, BOA $7K, FIA $7K, NatCity $5K, and few more store cards and major cards. Not sure what my next move should be. As you suggested, I'll Cablea a call tomorrow and see what they say.