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Re: Just spoke to Target back door number regarding RECON

VEEnVEGAS wrote:

RichieNY wrote:

rep said they do not do reconsiderations

also said human beings do not have any power that it is all electronic




I'd seriously consider applying for some other card....Target is the only card I regret getting and I was given the $5000 CL Visa right off the bat.   I almost never use it...definitely can't carry any kind of balance on it and of course never going to have any BT offers!  Even Cap One is better.  Save your app and inquiry for a better card....Wish I had!!!!

I agree completely. By far the worst aspect of this card is the customer service -- over the years more and more of it is handled offshore, and over time the language barrier keeps getting worse and worse. I say to myself, if I ever encountered any fraudulent charges on this account, would I want it handled by a customer service department where most of the time there's a huge communication and language barrier ?

About the only scenario where I can see someone getting a lot of value out of this card is if you have a family of Target shoppers and one or more of the family members is an authorized user (purchases by AUs earn Target rewards points).