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Hi Fala and welcome to the forums


Amex is a scary beast to figure out. It is a soft inquiry when asking for a cli but they may have changed due to their unpredictive behavior.


If everything is GREAT with your report and you have no worries of being FR or having AA against you then take the plunge. I would tell them of the situation and see if they will give you a cli.


If not then you need to decide, do you want to put so much on your credit card, buying maybe 4 instead of 5 and then PIF. The reason I say this is sometimes they will reduce your credit just because you used all of your credit. Even if you PIF, this unfortunately still may trigger an AA.


Do you have another card to use in purchasing these tickets? Can you break it up using two credit cards?


All I can say is hope for the best, expect the worst and can you deal with it?


Hope this helps and keep us updated



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