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Re: Crown Jewelers...hmmm any more like it?

RichieNY wrote:

Thanks for your responses guys


Believe me I have been cleaning it up.. In the past 3 months I have went from 500 to 600 (FICO)


I started out with 2 chargeoffs and 5 collections


I have gotten one chargeoff from 04 removed because it could not be verified


I have established 2 new accounts: first premier and crown jewelers....i want to establish ONE more account before I stop lol




p.s. that is why I asked if anyone else was similar to Crown jewelers


If you really want one more card then i would advise you to get a secured card from a CU or B of A. B of A card will unsecure in 9-12 months. It will help your credit report and score and you will have a card with the big boys after 9-12 months.


Hope this helps and keep us updated