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Re: 2%+ Cash Back on Everything Cards
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hemi961 wrote:

 Here is the link to the Chase cards.  The Freedom Plus is the darker blue one and the caption above it says earn triple miles.  However, after obtaining the card you can switch at any time from miles to cash back.  Annual fee $30 waived for the first year if my memory serves me correctly.

I have this card and can not stress to you how much I LOVE it.  Your get 3% back on your top 6 spending categorie. There are 15 eligible spending categories - which really entails everything, dining, vehicle expenses, groceries, pet supplies/vet name it. The awesome part is that you get that 3% back on YOUR top 6 categories from the available 15. So whichever categories you spend the most in is where your 3% back is applied. is based on your monthly spending. So each month they tally up your spending and figure out which categories are your top 6 for that month. 


I got this card in June. My statement cut last I was able to submit for another cash rewards check . You are able to redeem at $50 increments, but if you hold out until you reach $200 you can a bonus $50! So, it's really even more than 3% back when you think about it. This is the 2nd $250 check I'll be getting in just about 8 months. Plus, I still have $90 left in my rewards account that I will keep in there for another few months until I save up enough to redeem for the $200 level - which includes...yep, another free $50.  


Love, love, love this card!

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