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Re: Nordstrom Card - Cable Card
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concorduser wrote:
Oh well, I called as you all suggested. They asked me to fax a notarized copy of the DL. I did so. They said it is dark. I faxed again. I finally offered to send the orignals in the mail. They wanted me to send more things like pay stubs and all other nine yards. I suggested to cancel my application. I understand being concerned about fraud. But treating people like suspects of criminals is another thing. I have cards with good credit limits from great companies. I have no need to deal with this abuse. I hate to say this. I think Amex is much easier to deal with than Cabela's and Thumbs up to Amex.

I recently had the same experience with Cabelas, wanted me to fax in notarized copy of DL and proof of income.  They are a small bank that only exists for that credit card.  They are probably spooked about the future like everyone else. I decided to skip it.  Oh and...Nordstrom rocks!

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