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Re: christian community credit union

Good luck.  However, I think you need to chill on the apps + let your accts age.  Otherwise, you’re just racking up inquiries which are lowering your fico.  Takes awhile to offset your baddies + w/new ccs, lenders are leery to extend more credit.  also, if all you have are subprime ccs now, app sprees are likely just going to lead to more 3 digit cls.  i guess it's 'good' (if your goal's simply 'get as many ccs as i can') short term, but long-term it may be better to wait a bit.


btw, why not go for a secured cc w/ba?  they took me w/EX of 570s + some baddies (from 03).  then again, that was 8 mos. ago + the credit world was slightly easier/better than it is today.