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Re: Nordstrom Card - Cable Card

haulingthescoreup wrote:

After all that AmEx put you through with your Oasis card, you're considering them better? And you're giving them a thumbs up?? Wow! Smiley Surprised

As far as I am concerned and how ever much I disagree with Amex and its practises, they kept their end of the bargain with the Oasis Card. I totally understand any credit provider to refuse to approve the application or do not provide credit. I have received probably close to 100 declines in the last 1 1/2 years of my credit building. One thing I dont want to deal with is a paranoya creditor whom you always have to worry and having to go through system where I have to verify where I lived 27 years ago. I think there is a nice way to reject the app and move on. I would not have any problems if my app is declined gracefully instead of putting through agony. May be I grew up in the credit land in the last 18 months and I guess my outlook is different now and I have no hard feelings with any lender or credit provider.