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Re: Capital One not so BK friendly anymore?
I am not sure they are BK friendly anymore, even for current cardholders. I have had an account since 2003. Had a BK dischargedin 2002. I have not had a late payment since then, and have several TL's other than Cap. One. I have a balance of 735.00 and a CL of 3K. Scores (My Fico - as of 2/3/09) are: TU 703, EXP 709, EQ 686. They sent one of those solicitation emails ("because of your excellent account management, you are a valued customer, ...blah, blah, blah...). They siad I was preapproved. Well, I applied and was denied. I am waiting for the letter to call the number to see if they will do a recon.

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