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Re: Capital One not so BK friendly anymore?
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Who in the world can ever figure them out?  I had a BK discharged in 1/2003.  The only two negative accounts on my report are a CapOne card discharged in that BK (less than $300 balance, and never mind the several other cards I've had with them all paid to the penny as agreed), and a CapOne installment dental loan in which I paid perfectly on all 24 monthly payments except one late in July 2006, which I made up promptly with the next payment.  That late is the bane of my existence, it seems, since it's quoted everywhere as a reason for credit denial.


In fact, I have applied for CapOne cards and loans and been denied due to something like, "negative history with Capital One."


UNTIL a few weeks ago when I was approved for a card.  I have no idea what their formula is, if any, for forgiving and forgetting (there is no forgetting with Capital One but they might move on and give you another chance.)

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Too many accounts; too many debts; lots of open credit, and lots of utilized credit. Scores somewhere in the 600s - I have no earthly idea exactly what number, but not 700 like it was, briefly.