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Hooter's MC and Best Buy
Hi everyone....I applied for a Hooter's MC last week and got the denial email saying I wasn't approved.  I get my mail today, and there it is...a Hooter's MC with a $1750 cl...has this happened to anyone?  Nice surprise anyway!  Also, I applied for a BB cc and from the looks of it, HSBC did 2 inq. for this app.  One on 2/3 and one on 2/4??? I only applied once!  I got 2 denial letters in the mail today from HSBC for the BB cc and the reason??..too many inq.!!  Can I dispute 1 of them?  Thanks!
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Re: Hooter's MC and Best Buy
I hear that happens a lot with regard to the Hooters MC.  I applied online, was denied.  Called backdoor and my card arrived the next week.....

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Re: Hooter's MC and Best Buy
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HSBC's Household (sub-prime) unit is struggling right now. They are likely going out of their way to DENY new applications.


An investor has even advised them to let Household go BANKRUPT, rather than accepting bailout funds. 

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