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Re: What happened to the CC that rounded up and put $ into Savings

granny031350 wrote:
well when you don't qualify for those high end rewards cards, the keep the change works just fine


I'm with granny on this one.


I had Keep the Change and also loved it - more than the rewards cards I also have.


Everybody's different, and what works best for or appeals to one person won't work best or appeal to the next person.


To each his own - I loved KtC because I was looking for a painless, automatic way to funnel away extra savings.  I'm too impatient to make the most of rewards cards, and though I've made great strides in handling credit in the last few years, I still am uncomfortable using cc's for everyday expenses to earn rewards.  I still use my VISA checkcard to make most everyday purchases, and I often had funneled away a decent sum at the end of each cycle.


I was really disappointed when BofA kept slapping holds on my paychecks (my employer couldn't/wouldn't do direct deposit) even months later.  I finally gave up on them and went back to my original bank, but I greatly miss that auto-save feature!!

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