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Actually your biggest worry is having the account only five months. However if your limit is low for negative reasons you may not get the increase. Normally one would get the increase, but sometimes if you just make it in terms of qualifications then you need a little more time. Another problem is that you have paid this account in full each month. This shows Amex you have access to money, but it doesn't show how well you can use credit. A good variety of payment patterns suggest you might be responding to unexpected budget issues and that you are doing it well. Asking for an increase on a card that has no balance gives the company no incentive to raise your limit.

It wouldn't hurt to mention shopping the tickets on Amex travel either. (even if you're not; although you would be losing a good amount of multiple travel points and protection)

Remember that you ideally want to have at least twice as much limit as the total cost of tickets or immediately pay a chunk of the balance off because we don't want to hang around the 50% UTL  area.


Hope it all works out for you.


falafel wrote:



I have my amex blue cash for 5 months - PIF every monthy.


My limit now is 5000 - the problem is that I use the blue cash for everything that I buy like 3500 a month .

I need to buy 5 airline ticekts which will cost 6500.


I want to ask them for CLI that I can use my blue cash .


Will they do CLI ? Do they do hard or soft ?

Is there a backdoor number to call ?


Thank U