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Orchard bank CLI

Called Orchard today to see if they would reduce some of the $59 AF that is to be charged next month.  Called the backdoor number and got a very nice man to help me.


He would not budge on the AF, but he was able to give me an $100 CLI making my limit $700.  


After 3 years, that's all I get from them?!  Bummer.


At least I did not walk away completely empty handed.

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Re: Orchard bank CLI
After 3 years, all they gave me was a 20$ CLI.  I am so ready to cut this card up.  After this year, i'm done with them and First Premier!

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Re: Orchard bank CLI
over 2 years with Orchard and they were willing to give me 50% off my AF and raise my CL by $100 Smiley Sad
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