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Re: lowered my UTIL...

photobywes wrote:
on my CreditOne card from practically maxed out to totally paid off a week ago. They report to the bureaus on the 12th, so my question is will there be a lag time between when they report the new balance to when that will be reflected in my scores? I am looking to app for a new card but want to make sure my new balance (and new score) will be what they are seeing when i apply. thanks Smiley Happy

I hope that you're with the majority of us who find that EX updates its reports the night of or next morning after they get the info. That's because February 13th (this Friday) will be the last day that you can pull your EX score, barring a last-minute reprieve.

So I'd plan on pulling my EX late in the evening (around 9 pm) on the 13th and hope that it has shown up. Then give EQ and TU a week --until the 19th or 20th --to put down their coffee and doughnut and sports section and mosey over and do their jobs.

I'm going to see if I can find out if we know for sure when the very last moment is that you can pull EX's, but except for rare cases like this one, I would advise that people not wait, for fear that there might be server problems, or you'll lose your Internet connection or something.
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