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Re: Which store CC do you have? Best? Looking for one
I have:

J.Crew --ditto to what Oracles said, plus it's the horrible WFNNB behind it. I will say that the store folks are wonderful, but the bank people drove me nuts.

Home Depot --the only perk seems to be the 0% financing for items over whatever, which I don't use, but it's issued by Citi, and they gave me $4K, so I'm not arguing.

Best Buy --issued and mishandled by HSBC (*shivers*), but so far, so good, and I just hit the luv button to go from $2500 to $4K, so I need to stop whining and go buy a CD and some gum.

Kohl's is great, and Macy's/ Bloomingdales is/ are great, and Nordstrom's is great.

To keep a retail card reporting as retail, be sure NOT to get a store card that also has a Visa/ MC/ Discover/ AmEx logo on it. So don't get a Sears MC (for soooo many reasons), don't get a Borders Visa, don't get a Barnes and Noble MC, and so forth. These will count as bank cards, and they won't help your mix by reporting as retail.

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