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Re: Crown Jewelers...hmmm any more like it?

Venue is dressed-up ghetto.


Sorry, I could not help it. I know nothing about venue.  I am just making that up.


As cheesy as "Fingahut" is, I have to tell y'all that I bought a TV and a Yamaha keyboard (don't ask me if I finished paying for them) in 2000 and they are still going strong.  TV is on right now and the keyboard just got a workout with the kids jamming an hour ago.  My husband, the musician, could not believe how many functions came with that keyboard and the price I paid (really, if I stuck F.H. with anything in my BK, and I can't remember if I did, it was a couple of dollars at most so don't cry for them.)

Too many accounts; too many debts; lots of open credit, and lots of utilized credit. Scores somewhere in the 600s - I have no earthly idea exactly what number, but not 700 like it was, briefly.