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Re: 2%+ Cash Back on Everything Cards

Creditaddict wrote:

I like my freedom plus card that gives 3% on top 6 categories.

I don't think I will really ever find myself with over 6 categories, so I should always get 3%! 


It's not clear from your post, but the Freedom Plus card only gives you 3% back for the top 6 categories OF 15 categories they define - it doesn't cover all purchases (e.g. restaurants, hotels, bookstores, WalMart, etc will never get 3%).


Also, from what I've seen, the old regular Freedom card (3% on top 3 categories) has not been offered since October - it's now the 3% on certain pre-defined categories for each quarter.  The Freedom card I got in October still has the 3%-top-3 rewards, fortunately (for now, at least!).