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Advice On Getting A Credit Card?

Anyone have any suggestions on getting a card and when I should put off applying for one? Last time I pulled my scores they were TU 650, EQ 675, EX 690.  I think the TU should go up as I disputed an old account that was not mine that showed a balance of $2700 that was removed.  I have a late car payment from June 2002. I sent a GW to see if they will remove it early from my report. Worst case it comes on in June 2009. I have $518 bad debt/collections scheduled to come off in April 2009 from a credit card. I have a $298 Sprint Collections with Calvary Portfolio scheduled to come off August 2009, which I am trying to PFD.


I have three hard inquiries in the past year with dates of Oct 9th 2008, June 20th 2008 and Feb 12th 2008. So the February is scheduled to come off soon.


The only revolving account I have is a Macy's account with zero balance opened last August. So when should I be applying for a Credit Card and what card should I be applying with? I am defaintly going to wait to April when that $518 baddie drops off, and hopefully by the the Sprint/Calvary PFD will happen and the GW with the car loan will work.