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Re: Which store CC do you have? Best? Looking for one

Giant Eagle has their own grocery card now. 


I love Macy's & Dillards as far as growing with you.  We've had Macy's for one year and it's grown from $100 - $1600...not bad.  I also love their sales.  Dillards will grow with you as well, I've asked for $1k this year and have been granted it. 


Target.  I'll use it if my dh isn't with me.  I'm at the one year mark, if it doesn't bump to $1k it's being sockdrawered.


Jared:  I love this card because they carry Pandora & I can buy & split into 3 payments.  Once you get this one, get JBR & Kay.  Backed by Sterling.  No cli's yet, have not tried.