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Re: Which store CC do you have? Best? Looking for one

what i currently have: 


macys:  frequent cli, broad selection of decent merchandise, v. good promo offers and cs, a real winner.


amazon store card (ge):  some decent financing deals and broad selection of merchandise.  it is ge, so the cs isn't pretty and ge is stingy with cl and cli.


care credit (ge):  good for financing expensive vet (or other uncovered medical) expenses but MUST be paid well within terms to avoid HUGE accumulated interest being added.


dell:  for me this card has been a dud.  okey doke financing.  cli is a HP.  somewhat stingy for an electronics and computer purchasing cl and erratic cs.  one good feature is that it is one of the few store cards i've seen reduce the apr. initially 29.99 now 17.99.


like wmarat, i too am no big fan of ge but i am one of the lucky ones who hasn't had any problems with them at all really so far, for that i am grateful.


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