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Re: Carecredit... Apply or no??

barbaralee wrote:

Both my husband and I just applied for Care Credit in January... and yes, it was for cosmetic surgery... they pulled Equifax, both of our scores are in the mid 600s. I have a collection (that just refuses to drop off... it's from '05 and it's holding my score down :smileysad:), he has no baddies, and both of us have excellent payment history.


Anyway, I was approved for 6000, he for 8700. When it asked for an amount I put in some ridiculous number, and they countered. They do give you an option to ask for a CLI almost immediately. While doing research for my surgery I read that if the dr. calls in and asks for the CLI you're pretty much guaranteed it. Fortunately, I didn't have to do that... I doubt I would have anyway, I find the idea of it to be embarrassing.


also i was surprised last week when a csr told me that technically you can request cli at 90 day intervals. 

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