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Re: Carecredit... Apply or no??

barbaralee wrote:

Both my husband and I just applied for Care Credit in January... and yes, it was for cosmetic surgery... they pulled Equifax, both of our scores are in the mid 600s. I have a collection (that just refuses to drop off... it's from '05 and it's holding my score down Smiley Sad), he has no baddies, and both of us have excellent payment history.


Anyway, I was approved for 6000, he for 8700. When it asked for an amount I put in some ridiculous number, and they countered. They do give you an option to ask for a CLI almost immediately. While doing research for my surgery I read that if the dr. calls in and asks for the CLI you're pretty much guaranteed it. Fortunately, I didn't have to do that... I doubt I would have anyway, I find the idea of it to be embarrassing.


also i was surprised last week when a csr told me that technically you can request cli at 90 day intervals. 

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