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need a eight point fico increase, so I need advice please!

I have one credit card. It has a 500 limit, it currently reports on my credit report with about a balance of $350. My mid score is 612 so my LO needs me to get to 620 for fha.


It will update on 3/9


Currently it has a $100 balance.


I need to know what amount is the best for a high score jump. I heard between 5-10% and some people say 45% so help, I just need 8 points.


Oh and yes this is my only CC that I can work with here!

7/28 Eq 680
TU 641
In sep of 08 my Eq was 542!

7/28 Eq 640
TU 657
On our way to buying our first home Smiley Happy