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Wells Fargo Secured Card
I applied for a Wells Fargo Secured Card in October and I was denied because of a collection on my report that I wasn't aware of. I'm in the process of getting it off my report. They pulled Experian. They said I could reaaply when I don't have a collections for a year. I'm in the process of rebuilding my credit. I trashed my credit back in 03. I have several baddies on my report. Most of them are about to fall off next year. I have an account with BOA, but I burned them and it's still on my report. I know I can't apply with them. I was denied a Citibank Secured Card even though I have an account with them. I want a Secured Card with a Prime Bank. My scores on are in the high 500's. I'm much more responsbile now with my credit. I pay everything on time. The cards that I have now are: Orchard Secured Card $300 CL since Oct 08, Credit One $400 CL since Sept 08, and Continental Finance $375 CL since May 08. I really want to get rid of Continental Finance first. They charge crazy fees but they gave me a chance to rebuild. Is it worth it try Wells Fargo again, once my report is clean or should I wait until most of my collections fall off next year? My credit score is going up but it seems like it's going so slow.
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