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I applied for Meijer MC. I got a 24 to 48 hour message. They EQ. My eq is 639. How much chance do I
have to get approved. I went to and they dont have any information.That card
is issued by GEMB. I do have 2 cards with GEMB. Walmart and DIllards card.
Is there any maximum limit to have cards with GEMB?
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GEMB can be a bit of a PITA. I have a Paypal LOC through them. $300 and they won't budge me up at all. Thus far all my existing CCs have either said yes, or no we don't do CLIs upon request. GEMB is one that keeps saying no. GEMB is a very persnickety lender.
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I feel the same way. They seem to be very conservative. But most companies I like seem to use GEMB. I guess it is a catch 22. Can't live with and Can't live without.