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Re: Bank of America $23,500 CLD

I know hauling and guardian are going to give me the stink face for this in light of the trends, but having heard all the CLD stuff with BoA, I decided to check and see what they think of me rather than wait.  (God, grant me patience, but please hurry Smiley Happy ).


I asked for a Product Change to Reward and CLI.  No problem on the PC....moved me to BankAmericard Rewards Visa but said they will have to review my CLI request.


Got a call back from their credit center in Delaware today (I requested yesterday), asked me some questions, mostly about why all my credit is since 2005 mostly.  They declined the CLI because most of my credit is 4 years old or less and because BoA is currently my largest personal CL reported.  She told me all the reasons for decline right over the phone rather than make me wait for a letter (though they will probably send one anyway)  She also told me what to keep doing.....said, you have an excellent record on this account, keep doing as you are and we will reconsider later, but we feel that your current $10k is sufficient at this time.


I guess I don't like to wonder....I'll let you know if I get a CLD in the near future now that I put myself under the scope Smiley Happy

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