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Re: Bank of America $23,500 CLD

If my credit were deeper, I think they may have given me something.  My problem is that almost all of my credit is since 2005, so most is less than 4 years old.


My oldest account is Macy's 20+ years.  They specifically asked me "What did you use as credit from 1998 to 2005?"  "Did you have a bankruptcy or Debt Management during that time?"


So, even though my 1998 Bk is off the CR, it is pretty apparent that I had something, because I didn't really start going for new "personal" credit till 2005.


For those of you in the BK, it's important to immediately garner new credit so that you don't have "wholes" in your CR.  We celebrate when the baddies come off, but the absence of any credit during time periods leaves evidence of what used to be....


In addition....since BoA is currently my highest CL currently reported....they didn't really want to go further out until other creditors decided to also extend more credit.  So, this is a big reason why I recently app'ed for others like PenFed, Alliant, Discover and a better CapOne.

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