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Re: Bank of America $23,500 CLD

txjohn wrote:

I know hauling and guardian are going to give me the stink face for this in light of the trends, but having heard all the CLD stuff with BoA, I decided to check and see what they think of me rather than wait.  (God, grant me patience, but please hurry :smileyhappy: ).

Moi? :smileyvery-happy:

No, I don't think calling BofA with a question like this is unreasonable.

Had you done this with AmEx, however, I would have hunted you down and restrained you. (somehow) :smileyhappy:

The whole point of all this stuff is that banks are reducing credit lines that they consider unjustifiable in the light of past usage. I'm vaguely surprised every day that I have any card with a credit limit over $2500.
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